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    1. From what I can tell, the seasteading community does not think that it will be on the receiving end of a Letpeallergic-r-sfonse.MM (in calling for passivity) would appear to think they will (or might). To clarify:If a permanent sea-stead is built by and occupied with US (or former US) citizens, it will appear to USG as a protest and challenge to sovereignty and be treated as such (like with bombs and propaganda at home).Patri doesn't think so.MM might.I do.Thoughts?

    2. UGH most of us not only didn’t get to sign up for tesserae, we didn’t even get to see it. I agree. I’m not sure Lionsgate has the best intentions for THG… it will become like Twilight. It’s sad, but it will probably be the truth.We’ll always have the books, though, a REAL reminder of the best trilogy on Earth.

    3. Wenn es schüttet und ein Auto da ist, dann benutzt man das auch ! Da muss man es sich doch nicht unnötig schwer machen.Allein, dass man abwägt, wann man wirklich das Auto nutzt und wann nicht, ist schon mehr als sehr viele Leute tun.Viele Grüße von Barbara mit ebenfalls drei Kindern

    4. eric h,Hitler wouldn’t have mentioned “law and liberty.” (Not that there was much of either under Robespierre, who followed Rousseau to the letter.) But if you follow the link, that quote is hardly out of context. The whole thing is deeply frightening.dearieme,Just because he was from Switzerland doesn’t make him anything but a Frenchman. I’ve been to Geneva and all I heard was ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. The idea that ethnicity and nationality must be identical is characteristically Rousseauvian.

    5. A coeur de pierre…Donnez à un bon géologue la composition des éléments d’une planète et leur proportion, ainsi que la taille de la planète. Il va sans doute vous prédire avec assez de précision les phases en présence en fonction de la profondeur, etc., en reposant sur des disciplines telles que la chimie et la physique du solide, la thermodynamique, etc. Et Il vous fera quelques belles manips permettant de prouver ses prédictions. Ceci écrit sans être géologue…

    6. bye-bye to a law firm because I wanted to taste passion and happiness and have a family. And this is another instance (however far less existentially consequential) where I am saying “enough is enough.” I am one person and I can only do so much. I do not want to be a robot. I want to live and laugh and celebrate. And so I will.Happy holidays to you and yours!

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    8. Ja! Bloggambasadörshelg också ju! Åh! Jag hade sååå velat till Gbg den här helgen men har fina vänner inplanerade istället.Och måste erkänna att det här m fjäskfredag ju var en hit! Det får vi göra repris på! Vad peppad man känner sig!! Stackars dig, Eli, som är sjuk! Tycker annars det låter som en skön helg m buffy o böcker men kanske lite mindre värmts letter då.

    9. Damn you're looking extremely hot and gorgeous!!!! I love those colours on you and orange tights EEEEEEEEEEP!!! The neckline and stand-up collar frames your spectacular decollate. Well the flowers might be finishing up for the year, but you my dear are blooming madly! I cannot WAIT to see your new black skirt on you – I predict much fabularsedness!!! xoxoxoxxoo

    10. Ciao chiara(nuova follower o almeno dopo mesi e mesi ho deciso di farmi un account per poterti scrivere ;P)…piacere, Franci.Comunque outifit splendido e poi, in che hotel sei? sembra uno spettacolo, certo che NY soli però…non è la stessa cosa.Baci???

    11. this is a great help for someone like me who likes to sing along while listening to diff korean osts though i don’t understand a single word of the song hahaha….makes me appreciate korean dramas more…awesome…you’re just great! thanks for the effort…

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    13. João santos…Se nem o lula sabia o que acontecia no propio governo acha que esses cara sabem o que ocorre nos campos militares?Os militares testam coisas que a gente nem imagina tanto dos EUA, quanto do brasil enquanto os militares dizem ta tudo bem pro governo, o governo nem vai querer saber o que eles tão fazendo.

    14. Včera tisíc, dnes v noci dva a nyní je to pět tisíc. Lidovky a Idnes u antiparoubkovských skupin v případě tak rychlého růstu už měly několik článků na téma, jak se vzorní a dokonalí mladí rychle organizují a bouří. Tady zatím mlčí.

    15. Islam is so much like Judaism that I’ve never understood why Jews regard Jews who convert to Islam as apostates. What’s so objectionable to them in the doctrines of Islam? Muslims can’t be accused of polytheism the way Christians are, because of the doctrine of the Trinity. How is it contrary to Judaism to believe that Mohammed was a prophet of God?

    16. Son de esas cosas que salen en una noticia apartada y después se olvidan, me gustaría saber cual fue la fecha de defunción de kulakov…. pero tenemos que decir que muchos científicos del este desaparecían sin más (como muchas personas de esos lares). Un saludo.

    17. I couldn’t agree more! And since I’m desperately in need of therapy and longing to return to my writing and painting following the emotional disconnect of trudging through the initial stages of a family tragedy, I’m ready for a book like this. Maybe it will help me encourage my kids to use their own creativity to survive and thrive through this difficult time, too. If I lived closer, I’d be at Kate Hopper’s seminar in a heartbeat.

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    20. Thanks for writing this post Karen. With the holidays around the corner and winter travels coming up soon for me, it’s been a little hard to keep myself organized, thoughts included. This is a great exercise to keep things in perspective while trying to stay calm and collected.Chris El recently posted …

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    22. You would think that Sally, the planner, the compulsive list maker would consider making a large batch to enjoy at a later day, right? well, she somehow is unable to put such complex plan in practice (sigh)

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    24. Namaskar kaka,Tumchya blog mi niyamit waachat aaloi, aaj prathamach comment deto aahe.Hussain baddal tumhi je lihilai te ekdam kharach aahe. Ha ek haramkhor maanus aahe bara zala gela to ithun, GHAN GELI aani jyana tyachya jaanyane dukhahota tyani shudha nighun jawa aamaala aanandach waatel.Kaka mala he photos froward kara mi edit karun deto tumhala hawe tase.Santosh

    25. Fa la la la la la la la la…I think it’s working, what do you think?@ Marvin, I need all the prayers I can get! Thankee kindly, sir!@ RefGeek, do I know your father? It’s possible…very possible!@ Nikki I knew there was something different about you! You are a sane person…something I hope to be…someday! hee hee

    26. Minulla on tismalleen samanlaiset reiskat! Ostin ne keväällä 1991 ja maksoivat silloin mielestäni ihan hirveästi – olin lukiolainen, mutta ne olivat tosi stylet ja sopivat uuden pitkän poplarini kanssa. :)Ne voisikin kaivaa tuolta jostain esiin…

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    28. One of my projects for a family financial class at school was to keep a spending notebook for 6 weeks. I had to write down all non-essential purchases. OMGosh. We spent so much on fast food it was ridiculous. By the end of the project we cut down a ton. It was real eye-opening.

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    30. I’m new to this page and can’t say if anyone is obsessed with you, but frankly, your posts are consistently negative, hateful and as pointless as you claim this protest is. You’re doing nothing but trolling this site. It’s hard to refute arguments pulled out of the air. You’ll believe anything you want, that much is clear just reading what you’ve said here today.

    31. I’ve only just found this post and think it’s a fantastic idea. Only the other day my 6yr oldd son was putting his apple (cut into quarters) back together. I never thought to actually take it further and make the apple into a more difficult puzzle. Guess what’s happening to his apple today! Thanks heaps for sharing.

    32. My husband belongs to the IWA union which is part of the huge Steel workers union.He pays about $600. in union dues per year, we don,t have a say what the union uses the money for and when he needs help they don’t do much.During the last election we got a news letter from the Steel Workers Union stating they had donated $70000. to the NDP and urged the union members to vote for the NDP.That really made my blood boil!!I really hope bill C-377 passes!

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    34. thank you so much for the video lesson and all of the great projects and videos you do. I always enjoy listening to you on the video as it brings back many great memories of visiting relatives in Montreal, as both my parents were raised there before starting their family in NB. My father in law is Acadian and visiting him and his relatives has a similar sound – just with more english thrown in! thanks, Nancy LeBlanc in NS

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    37. I too was surprised that Mccabe and Mrs. Miller got so few comments, especially when Flirting With Disaster got 26 comments. What perhaps is needed is something that will be incredibly divisive. People are more likely to discuss things they aren’t in agreement with. I believe that Tokyo Story will be such a film, similar to Picnic at Hanging Rock without so many open-ended questions to discuss. I really hope this movie club keeps going, it is really quite fun.

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    42. Hi Saee, this is such a lovely post and so true! I have a 23 month old and her naughty ways make me crazy, but I know thats what keeps me going too. We have a common friend, Anjali Yadav, she had told me about ur blog a while back, but it totally skipped my mind until now. Love ur writing!

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    47. As an aside, nothing is funnier than people who log in as ‘Anonymous’ just so they can spew their bile without ever having to be called on it.It seems like such a cowardly way to operate. Buck up and put a name to the post. Even if you don’t have a blog you can still be involved in the discussion without having to be referred to as ‘Anon 9:23’ If you are afraid to use your own name, make up one. What, you really thought my name was tigger?

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    51. « c’est le propre de l’homme et pas de la femme ,quand les circonstances l’exigent »Avec des propos sexistes, vous vous tirez une balle dans le pied.Non pas à cause de vos opinions, mais de l’incohérence qui s’en dégage. Vouloir plus d’égalité parce que la femme et l’homme sont différents (donc la femme meilleure pour éduquer les enfants), c’est illogique.

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    54. Que sonho Fê ! Eu realmente não aguentava mais comer pizza (muito ruim) por lá, quando fui. E os preços são mesmo de enlouquecer. Nem sei como seria hoje em dia com filhos… e com toda essa tecnologia. Quero muito ir de novo com os filhotes !! Amei tanto !Atualmente meu sonho de consumo está baseado em NY (BH photo) rsrs.Bjs

    55. Ben moi j’ai trouvé ça drôle et je suis pas choquéeIl est toujours d’actu ton concours ?Perso, je me disais que nombre de gens dont le pouvoir d’achat s’est sérieusement réduit allaient tout de même mettre des sous dans un repas de réveillon « classique », avec foir gras, alors qu’il aurait été sain, justement cette année, de remiser au placard cette horreur en rondelle…Mais ceci est un autre débat…

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    57. Just did. I was going to post a snarky “thank you” to hangemhighification because I’d never heard of jeff3230 before, but then thought better of it. Instead I’d like to take the high road and say “I hate that shot” too … I’d like to, but I’m a just a man and I likes me some t&a. Sorry if I offend anyone … Damn, no I’m not. I’m a man.

    58. I absolutely love your style! I've been browsing through your DIY section and am completely amazed with your creativity. As much as I adore your clothes, could you tell me where your lipstick is from? I'd love for you to do a post on all your different lipstick looks – this light pink is gorgeous, and I love the dark red lipstick in your previous posts too. This is definitely one of the best – if not THE best – fashion blogs I've come across in a while; you are clearly a professional. Amazing!

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    60. What a paranoid question.If someone wants WordPress, he will go for it. It is just a tool, and anyone is free to use it.Where is the problem?Oh I see…you don’t like the fact that web designers has LOST the exlusive access to the public so they can charge them a lot of money for every little effort Don’t worry, it’s not just wordpress: there is Joomla, Elgg, etc. etc. LOL

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    62. Hi Colin, I totally agree with all your comments and letters in the local paper, my issue at the moment is the parking of cars outside the old St.Cuthbert’s School, which became a counil office about 4-5 yrs ago, there appears to be room for the cars to park inside, but no, they are all on the road, which is quite busy with local cars turning into Castledykes coming from the housing estates. My other concern is you will give up being involved in the swimming pool when you getelected. As for being racist poppycock.J.Petter a swimmer

    63. Well no longer is NY the Nanny state, it’s now the Ninny state. Let’s everyone wrap ourselves in bubble wrap and stay in a closet, drive a nerf car and never hurt anyone’s feelings or allow your feelings to be hurt, only wear soft clothes and talk only in a very, very low voice and one day you’ll grow up to be… a Man, I mean Woman, I mean Man… I mean… well anyway, you’ll be some type of fat encapsulated carbon based life form.

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    67. I'm just curious, what does white and black have anything to do with it? The child was wrong and he got it. Wrong is wrong, Right is Right not White. Why do we always have to turn this into a race thing. If he was white and picked on a black, he was still wrong. The teacher went over board, and many other factors to consider in that. But lets deal with right and wrong not race, thats how we become judgemental.

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    69. The tally so far, amongst a group of people here who generally appear to be educated go-getters, striving to succeed: “EFF THIS, we are outta here.” The exception being a married couple of my savior’s faith who have decided to stick it out and suffer. Being Catholic, I do understand the appeal of suffering and the ability to kvetch aabout it but, I think my pain tolerance has reached its limit.

    70. Darius,Can you update the sidebar? Specifically, if you can list all the NBA teams and their respective blogs. I know you mention it during Game Previews, but it would be nice to have every team (arranged by division) readily available on the right sidebar (along with the team name; ala TrueHoops). Sometimes, I prefer the sports blog that you mention as opposed to those only in the TrueHoop network.Also, are there any plans to update the website (not that I don’t like how it is now)?

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    72. blahga:I wouldn't worry about Lydia too much. Her kind have always existed and as long as there's humanity, it always will.She obviously went on here specifically with the idea of pissing all of you off for the sake of just pissing you off. Just ignore her. By all means let us ignore reality and imagine a world in which human nature does not apply. That will make everyone feel better.

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    76. First, let's acknowledge that big old elephant sitting in the middle of the room: The racial component of this story.Depends on where one reads, FN. The white forums and blogs I read have mentioned race very sparingly, whereas the black sites are rife with mention of Tiger's mixed-race, how he shouldn't have married a 'beckey', Tiger's impending 'blackification', etc. Disgusting, really.

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    81. Indeed words upon which to meditate and consider. As a younger member of the clergy, I feel that God might indeed be doing something new, or at least something different. Carl, I appreciate your comments, but I don’t know if things are quite as absolutist as you say. Perhaps there is one, or some who would be willing to shuck off the empty husks of modernity and it’s institutional strictures in our current organisation, and shift to the leadership of the Spirit? Perhaps? As I type I am beginning to wonder if ‘perhaps?’ might be the greatest question we can ask in these times.

    82. Congratulations to the winners! You will be receiving an e-mail shortly with details of where to collect your tickets for Saturday. The 5th person to win is “andy thando’ who posted their answer under my ‘Music’ tab, under the single…don’t worry, it still counts.Hope you all enjoy the show.

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    89. Maizi : pas d’accord avec vous – le droit à la parodie existe, même si Moulinsart essaie de le contourner et y parvient de temps à autre, tout comme le droit de rédiger des ouvrages savants sur des auteurs décédés sans avoir besoin ni envie de demander l’autorisation à leurs ayants-droits pour dire ce que l’on a à dire. C’est bien de cela dont il s’agit aujourd’hui. Pour le reste, c’est un autre débat…

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    106. having recently walked down this path there are 3 books that we read that were very helpful in forming a Biblical view of marriage and each other:Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas (one to read and re-read)When Sinners Say I Do by Dave HarveyEach for the Other by Bryan and Kathy Chapellwhile Jon and I decided in the end to not get married, all three of these books helped us to view our relationship and God in a much more Biblical light and challenged us to truly love each other with the love of Christ.

    107. I’ve never been one to think of my wedding day, but this post made me think about the dress if I was to get married. Definitely wouldn’t be daring enough to go red, but I’d do a black and cream knee length dress for sure.

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    119. Becka and Will, I’m glad you could get away and relax. The falls look wonderful and the lupines are beautiful. When I taught 3rd grade we read Mrs. Rumphius from our reader and the kids really enjoyed it. Love you, have a good week! Mama (Mrs. Mary)

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    123. I like the one on dutchies buying a house near a …anything causing troubles…. and than start complaining about it. There is a sense of truth in it, funny thing is also quite often people “born and raised” in certain area never seem to have a problem (for example an airport), the trouble starts with the new comers.

    124. I usually do some stretches too, but don’t know that I really warm up before a run. Sometimes I’ll walk for a minute or two before getting started, then other times I just dart out the door! That’s cute what Lola said about not wanting to waste her steps!

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    134. This is a new one I heard this morning in the D.C. area, allergies are worse this year because of…get ready now…you know where I am going…That’s right GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE!!!!!, shocking I know however it must be true I heard it on the radio.

    135. Losing Curzi could not have hurt that much as they will be playing in the county finals Friday. Also I am hearing that Gill just lost big to Rutgers Prep in the Prep state finals. Voorhees vs NH on Friday should a great game, Voorhees lost to NH twice this year, I can’t see it happening a third time, good luck to all teams playing the county finals.

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    139. After 40+ years in nursing, my back finally went completely. I’m not able to work any more and I’m now on social security disability. Body mechanics is good but at many times, can’t be used properly depending on the circumstances facing you. The repititious motions we do with lifting, pulling, pushing is going to take a toil. So as Nurse Jackie would say…….what is a nurse with a bad back……UNEMPLOYED……is so true.

    140. Rier has an important point here, one that doesn’t go unnoticed. The Sharia law implemented by the Afghan government is appalling, and the recent revelation that some of the Danish reconstruction funds go towards building mosques is causing an outroar from Danish Peoples’ Party.If this madness continues, we might consider withdrawing. Not for military reasons, but because the democracy we’re building seems fake with all this Sharia crap coming back.

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